DaHooman Bed

Cloud-comfort made portable

Cambridge Roadâ„¢ Pets Purveyor of fine and bespoke pet accessories.

At Cambridge Road Ltd™ we are all about helping owners indulge their special K9 companions.

We offer a bespoke range of products to those that love their dogs and want quality products that reflect their furry friend's specialness. 

We aim to strike a balance between quality, price and social responsibility, and we think we've got it. 

We believe that dogs make the world a better place and want to celebrate and share the joy dogs bring to our lives. Happy, friendly, loyal, non-judgmental, playful and grateful. How can you not love them? 

Some of our friends

Let us tell you about our favourite friends! 

It truly is our honour to support the force of volunteers that are Chained Dog Rehoming and Rehabilitation NZ. They take the time to provide qualitative care to all the little furry babies that don't get it otherwise. They consistently go way above and beyond anything that should be expected. It is clear the amount of love and attention they provide simply by looking at the results. 

We're looking for retailers.

We are currently looking out for potential retail partners to work with.

We work with a varying portfolio of retailers, ranging from boutique furniture stores through to larger commercial vet clinics. Our aim is always the same, provide the best possible value and service so that retailers can sell the highest quality products and experience to consumers. 

We have a number of initiatives and strategies to help businesses of all sizes carry our entire range, without placing any precious capital at risk. 

To know more about what it is like working with us, please press the button to the left and we can begin our journey! 

We're excited! 

The whole barking squad at Cambridge Road Pets 

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