The Values, Ethics and the stuff that makes us... well us.

We're a modern business with ideals of the honest person. We believe that like all of us in society we have a responsibility to make the right choices. Those choices started at the beginning. No amount of effort has been spared in acquiring ethical materials and packaging for all our products. Including 100% recycled components for our handmade beds, environmentally friendly courier bags and all natural recipes that support eco-living. With you beside us, have a strong faith that this is the only future for business.

Making the Product...

One thing that we are very proud of is our product range. We have taken a lot of time and effort to do the best we possibly can to provide high quality products that fit within our values. 

Our most innovative product is by far our dog beds. Our beds are one of NZ's few beds made from 100% recycled components. The beds are also one of the most durable on the market, where we can guarantee no bunching or compression of the inner material. The outer is also naturally anti-chew and is made from natural fibres from the jute plant. The jute plant itself is a very sustainable plant meaning that the beds are not only durable, environmentally friendly but also reasonably priced.

The next product in our range are our batch-made dog treats. These little fellas, are all handmade in our kitchen. These contain genuine ingredients for a genuinely tasty treat. We focus on minimising the number of components to make sure that the treats are both healthy and simple. They are available in the following flavours.

Beef and Bacon - Made with real free range bacon and real beef stock.

Apple and Cinnamon - Containing real cinnamon and real apple.

Our final product 

Our Work with Charity

At the begin of this project, it was clear that we were always going to partner with a charity. But the question of which one always lingered. It was December 2019 that we found Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming™. After talking with their team and researching their ideas, it quickly became clear that they were doing some pretty critical work. Since then we have been working closely with Chained Dog to provide support in whichever way we can. We look forward to our continued partnership. 

To find out more about Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming™ search them on Facebook™. 


Deviate from the norm by helping us help others.

Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ are one of those charities that solely exists to love and care for those little fellas who can't. They don't look to profit from pain or sorrow, they look to end it. That is why we work with them.

To learn more about CDRRNZ and their mission either visit our 'Charitable Partnership' page, visit their website or contact them via 

You can support their cause by purchasing our products or by donating to them directly by pressing the button to the left.

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